"The fish you release maybe a gift
to another, as it may have been a 
gift to you." ~ Lee Wulff      

Welcome to BrookieBum. This group was started in hopes to help spread education on native brook trout. Also conservation efforts being made to protect these ancient fish. Being the only nature stocked trout in the east coast, we want to help to protect them and their watersheds. Since 2015, BrookieBum has be a dedicated educator and active conservation group. Dedicated to bringing awareness to the eastern native brook trout. Through our efforts on FaceBook, BrookieBum has grown into a community of dedicated anglers that bring the importance of protection of the brook trout or brookie through the process of educating others. BrookieBum prides itself on its members, and through our YouTube Channel and FaceBook group we hope to bring even more conservation through education. BrookieBum's founder Nathan Justice, uses the power of social media as a platform for this project. With the efforts of this project, BrookieBum also partners with local Trout Unlimited chapters and other conservation groups such as Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture. Help BrookieBum in this effort buy joining the FaceBook group, and also subscribing to the YouTube Channel. Together we can protect the eastern native brook trout.

"It's not so much the fish itself, but rather the places they take you." Nathan Justice